Massage Courses In Australia Which One Is Right For You

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People look to massage as a way of alleviating stress-related pains. Spas, which offer massage services, are increasing in number. The need for therapists in nursing homes is on the rise. Needless to say, there is a growing demand for this skill.

But the discipline of massage therapy is not inborn or informally transferred from one generation of therapists to another. Although self-study may be done, formal and hands-on training is required so that the appropriate technique can be mastered. For this reason, taking massage courses is in order.

The fact that there are more than 80 different types of massages, point to its complexity. Swedish massage, acupressure, and sports massage are some of the most popular ones. A successful therapist need not know all these massage types or modalities. But being familiar with the more common ones will make you more marketable.

Find massage courses, Australia? So, you’ve decided on a career in massage therapy – but which massage courses are right for you? Because there are several massage therapy schools and healing arts schools that provide a diverse range of massage courses, it is important that you carefully inspect curriculum to determine which program of study will best meet your professional aspirations.

If you are fascinated by Egyptian healing arts, massage courses in reflexology will introduce you to science and art that involves pressure applied to areas of the feet, hands and ears to restore balance to the body. Many reflexologists offer this therapy as a stand-alone treatment, or as an enhanced service for clients in a massage or wellness clinic.

Among other interesting massage courses, are training programs in a chair or “seated” massage. Many a massage therapist have gone into an entrepreneurial business at airports, hotels and other hospitality facilities to administer massage to weary travelers.

If you enjoy working with animals, some other massage courses involve bodywork for pets, like dogs and horses. Individuals who have successfully completed massage courses in this field of study can work at race tracks, animal hospitals, veterinarian offices, and in other animal organizations. These treatments are quite effective in relieving muscle tension, and reducing joint inflammation and swelling.

Some massage courses specialize in Eastern and Asian therapies and may include instruction in acupressure, Shiatsu, Tuina (Chinese medical massage), meridian therapy, and Thai massage, among others. Dating back over thousands of years, these ancient healing massage courses instruct students how to use reference points on the body with specific pressure techniques to release muscular stress.

While there are numerous massage courses, Australia from which prospective students can select, most programs are minimal of 300 hours and may go beyond 1,000 training hours – depending on school or college you choose to attend.

Overall, any number of massage courses, Australia can lead candidates to the career of their liking. Whether you prefer to work on an island retreat, an upscale spa, chiropractic clinic, or in your home office; and once you’ve completed all necessary massage courses to become certified and licensed, rest assured that you would be both professionally and personally satisfied.

Learning Massage as a Life Skill

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To make massage therapy your career, attending a massage school and receiving state certification is necessary. Massage training videos can also be excellent for helping you to decide if a career in massage therapy is for you. Explore the different styles and have fun discovering the ones that you most resonate with.

There’s an abundance of the various styles of massage therapy to chose from these days. Sports massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage are some of the more common ones. There’s also an abundance of interesting forms of “bodywork” out there that you can incorporate into you massage style. For example, acupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki energy work and Polarity therapy to name a few. One of the pleasures of learning massage is the variety of styles and techniques you can learn. Feel free to be creative.

Whatever your incentive is for learning massage, whether professional or casual, I’d recommend you start by getting a few massages yourself. Ask your massage therapist what style they are using, and get a feel for what you most enjoy receiving. Is it the more vigorous sports massage or a more relaxing style? Often, your therapist will be using techniques from numerous styles. Ask and get a personal feel for what you like and resonate with. Throughout my career as a massage therapist, I continued to receive new ideas each time I received a massage.

Once you decide upon a form of massage that you would like to learn, I’d recommend you search the internet for “massage training videos” or “massage instruction videos.” When you find one, check to see what style they teach as well as how much experience the instructor has received. Are they a certified massage therapist? Best to be on the safe side and make sure your instructor, whether on-line or off, has had the training and experience to know what they’re doing. You and those you work on will be happy you did.

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